Customer Feedback

Fellow Finance has defined guidelines and routines for managing feedback from customers. The purpose with these are to secure that the customer’s feedback is treated in a coherent and appropriate manner, in accordance with applicable legislation.

Good customer service and customer response is an important part of Fellow Finance’s business. Our customers have the right that their feedback is managed efficiently, fairly and without any delay. Customer feedback also provide us with information about the quality of our service and customer satisfaction, as well as contribute to further development of our service and practices.

Customers can provide feedback to Fellow Finance by contacting our customer service by telephone, e-mail, letter or by visiting our Helsinki office.

Customer complaints are mainly dealt with during the contact with the customer. If this is not possible, the complaints will be forwarded to the relevant business unit (consumer- or business customer service) for further processing. The purpose is to handle and respond to complaints as quickly as possible, if possible within one week of receiving of the complaint. You can contact customer service for more information about how to handle your complaint.

Customer response and management related actions are stored to enable reliable follow-up. Regular feedback on the customers’ feedback is also reported to the management of Fellow Finance.


In case of any different interpretation of the texts of this Agreement in Finnish and English, the Finnish wording shall be decisive.