23.1.2019 11:00PRESS RELEASE

Fellow Finance expands to Denmark

Fellow Finance is expanding its peer-to-peer lending platform to Denmark. The launch in Denmark will offer Danish consumers a possibility to look for the best financing offers through the Fellow Finance platform. For Fellow Finance investors Danish market enables an option to diversify their loan portfolio further in addition to the present Finnish, German, Polish and Swedish consumer loans.

"The expansion to Danish market makes it possible for Danish consumers to look for the best offers and lowest rates easily with the current 11 000 platform lenders. At the same time the investors using our platform can already diversify their investing portfolio to five different consumer loan markets in Europe and to business funding in Finland. We are also planning to open business funding for small to medium size enterprises in Denmark in the future", says the CEO Jouni Hintikka.

Fellow Finance is the only service where investors can easily invest in business loans and consumer loans across five countries with several currencies and by doing so get a broad cross-border diversification for their investments. The mission of Fellow Finance is to transform the traditional balance sheet bank lending to direct lending between individuals and companies.

Operating as a crowdfunding platform in Denmark requires Payment Institution's authorization. Fellow Finance is authorized by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority to offer its services cross border from Finland to Denmark.

Founded in 2014, Fellow Finance is an international growth oriented crowdfunding fintech group. The main company business activity is crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending services and by volume it is the leading¹ loan-based crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending service in the Nordics. Already over 510 000 customers in over 50 countries have used the services. Fellow Finance Plc is an Authorized Payment Institution supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland and it is listed on the Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace.

¹Measured by the Source: Brismo Market Data (2.1.2019).

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