Fellow Finance Plc conducts a directed share issue without consideration for payment of an incentive bonus to the management

Fellow Finance Plc (“Fellow Finance” or the “Company”) conducts a directed share issue without consideration as payment of an incentive bonus to the management

The Board of Directors of Fellow Finance Plc has resolved in its meeting on 29 October 2018 to conduct a directed share issue without consideration by virtue of the authorization granted to it by the unanimous decision of the shareholders of the Company on 7 September 2018. The share issue is conducted as payment of an incentive bonus to the management. The bonus is based on an incentive plan directed to one of the members of the Company’s management team. Under the terms of the incentive plan, the management team member is entitled to a remuneration in connection with the listing of the Company. The Company listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s First north Finland marketplace on 10 October 2018.

The Company issues 11 000 new shares to the management team member under the terms and conditions of the incentive plan. The new shares are intended to be registered in the Trade Register and to be admitted for trading on Nasdaq Helsinki First North Finland marketplace.

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Fellow Finance Plc

Established in 2013 and launching operations in 2014, Fellow Finance is an internationally active and growth-oriented FinTech group that provides crowdfunding services. The group consists of parent company Fellow Finance Plc and its wholly owned subsidiaries Lainaamo Oy, P2P Sverige AB and Fellow Finance Sp. z.o.o.

The Company specialises in offering, to private individuals and businesses and on its crowdfunding platform, financing and investing solutions that are an alternative to traditional bank financing. The service most central to the Company’s business is the leading¹ Nordic loan-based crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platform maintained by the Company.

¹Measured by amount of financing facilitated at 4 September 2018. Source: Altfi Data (data accessed on 4 September 2018)