6.26.2018 10:00

Diversify further by investing in Swedish loans

We have expanded our peer to peer lending service to Sweden. Investors can diversify further their loan portfolios by investing in Swedish consumer loans in addition to Finnish, German and Polish loans and Finnish business loans. Investing in Swedish consumer loans is free of charge. In history, peer to peer lending returns have had no significant correlation with the stock or bond market returns. This means that investing in peer to peer loans is a good alternative to your total investment portfolio.

Overview of the Swedish market

From the international point of view conditions for P2P lending in Sweden are attractive. Banks and credit companies are provided with comprehensive information on borrowers current financial situation as well as repayment history. In Sweden, positive credit register is in place allowing banks and credit institutions to acquire information on borrowers’ current debts and possible defaults. Positive credit register is an important part of the credit analysis of a borrower when assessing his ability to repay his loan and to prevent over-indebtedness. Furthermore, Sweden has an efficient collection system for non-performing loans. The extensive use of BankID in borrower identification reduces the risk of fraud significantly.

According to the European Banking Authority, the level of non-performing loans is one of the lowest in Sweden throughout the EU (source: EBA risk dashboard Q4/2017). Here, the existence of the positive credit register together with good payment behaviour are shown in the statistics. From the view of euro-investor, investing in Swedish krona denominated loans offers an opportunity to diversify outside the Eurozone.

Why invest in Swedish loans


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