Customer Funds

This page includes information on how Fellow Finance Plc manages its client funds. Client funds refer here as cash resource of a customer at the Fellow Finance service. Client funds include all the cash resource transferred to an investment account and received repayments and interests as well as other earned payments.

In all activities, Fellow Finance distinguishes its own assets and customer assets from each other. The management of client funds is organized in a reliable manner. The customer management and accounting systems of Fellow Finance ensure that funds of a single customer can be separated from the total client funds at any time. At the same time, the customer management system includes a record of all peer-to-peer investments made by customers and cash resource associated to these investments as well as the counterparties of all loan contracts. Client funds and their changes can be reliably and consistently monitored either as a whole or one at a time.

Client funds are deposited into bank accounts of several different banks operating in Finland. Fellow Finance manages these bank accounts on behalf of its customers. All the banks are under public scrutiny and are either Finnish deposit banks or credit institutions authorized in another country to receive deposits in Finland. The customer-specific distribution of funds is done within the Fellow Finance's system.The system reconciles the account information of bank accounts daily. Customer-specific account balances are updated to Fellow Finance's service allowing customers to keep track of their funds in a timely manner. In Fellow Finance’s bookkeeping, client funds and own funds are separated. In the unlikely event of Fellow Finance facing receivership, customer funds are protected from creditors and can be allocated to our customers.


Fellow Finance Plc is an Authorised Payment Institution regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. Based on the license, Fellow Finance can act as a service provider as defined in the payment service law. For example, Fellow Finance can provide payment accounts to its customers, execute customer payment orders, receive customer funds and practice intermediation of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding.

Fellow Finance® is a registered trademark of Fellow Finance Plc. Fellow Finance was founded in 2013 and our head office is located in Helsinki Finland.


In case of any different interpretation of the texts of this Agreement in Finnish and English, the Finnish wording shall be decisive.