Stable returns

  • High and stable returns
  • New way to diversify
  • No fees

Risk management

  • Geographical diversification
  • Personal guarantee or collaterals
  • Limited credit loss risk

Investing products

  • Peer to peer loans
  • Business loans
  • Invoice financing

Invest in Loans Free of Charge with Limited Credit Risk

Investing service

Fellow Finance

The leading marketplace lending platform in Northern Europe for creditworthy consumer and business borrowers and for anybody who wants to gain returns for their spare money.

New investment product


Set up your free investment account and set your lending criteria. You can invest manually in loan applications or automate your investment by using Allocator.

Invest in loans

Loan contract

A loan contract is automatically signed between you and the borrower when the loan is withdrawn. Fellow Finance manages all the administration between parties involved.

Loan investment platform

Stable and steady returns

You receive monthly interests and repayments which you can re-invest to receive compound interest. If needed, portfolio can be liquidated on the secondary market.

Fellow Finance Plc is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland as an Authorised Payment Institution.

Fellow Finance Plc is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

New investment class

A new profitable asset class

Consumer and business loans have offered a high annual return for investors. The annual return after credit losses has been around 7-10%. Investing in loans offers you an access to a new asset class. The return on loans does not correlate significantly with the stock or bond markets indicating that loans are a good addition to managing your portfolio.

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High yield investing

Profit from capital lent

The return is interest based on capital you have lent. The interest rate of a loan is determined in an auction between investors. Interest rates generally vary between 5-20%. The level of interest rate in our service offers competitive loans for borrowers and a excellent return opportunities for investors and thus creates value for both parties.

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Invest with limited risk

Limited credit risk

In peer to peer loans, except German, the credit risk is limited by selling unpaid loans to collection agencies. In addition, a voluntary payment protection insurance is offered for Finnish consumers. In business loans the credit risk is reduced by an entrepreneur's own personal guarantee and also often a collateral such as real estate or enterprise mortgage.

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Where to invest now

Consumers and businesses

Our marketplace combines those who want to save their spare money for those who need temporary funding. Both a borrower and a lender decide the terms on which they are willing lend and borrow. You can invest in German, Polish, Danish, Swedish and Finnish consumer loans as well Finnish and Swedish business loans and trade receivables. Investors we serve globally.

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Loan investment statistics

The leader in Northern Europe

Fellow Finance is the leading marketplace lending platform in Northern Europe. We have intermediated through our marketplace for over 500 million euros of loans and the platform has been used by over 670 000 borrowers and over 14 000 investors. Did you know that more than 70% of peer-to-peer applications are rejected because of rigorous credit policy?

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Investing is for everyone

Are you considering a new alternative investment asset class to diversify your total investment portfolio or are you just starting your journey as an investor? Whether you are looking for a savings instrument or managing a bigger portfolio, Fellow Finance enables you to invest in an asset class earlier unavailable. We have made the investing in consumer loans and business loans easy. We have used over 15 years of our experience in credit risk management and loan investment to build the most advanced marketplace lending platform in Europe. Since our establishment in 2013, we have grown to become the leader in Northern Europe in our field. We are offering now an unique possibility for everybody to invest directly in loans free of charge with limited credit risk.

Become a banker in 2019

By investing in loans, you will have an access to an investment product that has previously been exclusively available for banks. According to the bank earning logic, a bank collects money from depositors at a low deposit rate to lend the same money to borrowers at a higher interest rate. Our platform removes the bank between a saver and a borrower and the saver himself chooses whom and on what terms he wants to lend his spare money. Thus, the saver gets the entire interest from his money without brokerage fees earlier taken by the bank. Why lend money at a low interest rate to a bank if you can now lend it directly at a higher interest rate and no costs?

Credit risk management

Fellow Finance finds and identifies borrowers and assesses their loan applications. Approved application requires that a borrower does not have any earlier payment defaults and the borrower needs to have sufficient monthly disposable income to repay the loan. You choose whom you are willing to lend and on which terms. Our machine learning based credit scoring model has a proven track record that can be observed on our statistics page.

Diversification of porfolio

You can easily diversify investment portfolio in hundreds of loans to reduce credit risk significantly and making it possible to get steady returns with low volatility. You can diversify your loan portfolio geographically in German, Swedish, Danish, Polish and Finnish peer to peer loans as well as Finnish and Swedish business loans and trade receivables. Investing your total capital to at least 100 different loans decreases credit risk. A maximum 1% of the total capital should be invested in one loan within a single loan market. Investing in peer to peer and business loans enables you to diversify your overall investments in to a totally new asset class that does not correlate much with traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

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Institutional investors receive

Read more about what we are offering to institutional investors

Peer to peer and business loans offer

Invest in profitable target

High returns

The historical annual return of investment has been around 7-10% after possible credit losses

Invest with limited loss risk

Limited credit risk

In peer to peer loans, except German, credit risk is limited as unpaid loans are sold to collection agencies

Compound interest in investing

Compound interest

Received payments can be automatically re-invested in new loans in order to benefit from the compound interest

New investing option


Portfolio can be diversified in hundreds of loans. Simultaneously, you diversify total portfolio in a new asset class

Transparency investment


Real-time status of investments and cash flows are available with advanced tools for portfolio analysis

Invest free of charge

No fees

Opening an investment account and investing in loans is free of charge for everybody at Fellow Finance service

Invest via secure service

​Secure service

Interest yield is based on a contract between a lender and a borrower. Investors are not financing Fellow Finance

Invest on secondary market

Secondary market

You can sell your loans on the secondary market. This enables to withdraw investments from the service if needed

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