Business Loans

  • Up to 1.000.000 €
  • For SMEs
  • Easy-to-use

Invoice Funding

  • Control your cash flows
  • Increase capital circulation
  • Improve your liquidity

Payment Solutions

  • Ensure client's purchase power
  • Increase your sales
  • Limit your credit risk

Loan-based Crowdfunding for Businesses

Growdfunding for business loan

Business loans

Up to million euro with a fixed interest rate to fund growth and investments. Amortisized in monthly installments or bullet. Easy and fast online application process.

Growdfunding for invoice funding

Invoice funding

Get money from your invoices immediately. No opening, monthly or annual fees. Only one-time fee per funded invoice. You can choose yourself which invoices you wish to finance.

Growdfunding service

Increase your sales

Say yes to every trade. Increase your sales by providing funding and flexible repayment terms for your customers. You can finance these invoices then in our service.

Crowdfunding platform


Funding round will increase your company visibility to thousands of our investors. They may very well be your future customers. Capitalize the force of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding for everyone

Loan-based crowdfunding is a form of business financing where a company seeks funding from public without the traditional banking sector as an intermediary. This kind of market-based funding has been available for large companies in decades by emissions of debt bonds on markets. However, because of the growth of digitalization, also small and medium sized companies have nowadays access to a market-based funding through our online platform where anyone can lend or borrow money. Fellow Finance manages all administration between your company and investors and thus a crowdfunded loan does not differ from any loan granted by a bank. You will receive the loan from one place, pay it back to one account and deal all issues related to the loan with Fellow Finance. The modern funding channel of Fellow Finance supplements the traditional banking finance by creating more stable and diverse business funding environment and it is available for all creditworthy companies, regardless of the size. Finally, market-based crowdfunding is possible for all.

Why crowdfunding

From a perspective of an entrepreneur looking for funding, the major benefits are fast and easy application process, user-friendly online service, increased brand awareness and auction-based pricing model. All of these four advantages are strongly linked to our digital service. You can apply business loan easily and quickly online within minutes at any time without booking a meeting and a rotation of documents. The funding decision will be given instantly and if all the required documents are submitted and the loan application is approved, the loan can be transferred even on the same day to your bank account. You have an access to your online account around the clock where you can independently manage your loan whenever you want. Furthermore, your loan application and company description is presented to thousands of investors to gain brand and company awareness. Investors may become your future partners or clients when they get more familiar with the business. The auction-based model also ensures the cheapest funding available at the marketplace. Interest rate settles to that point where you are ready to borrow and investors are ready to lend - where the demand and supply of money meet.

At the moment, business funding is available for Finnish and Swedish businesses on their country-specific website