Personal loans

  • Up to 50.000€
  • From one to ten years
  • No guarantees

Ease of use

  • Fast and easy application
  • Loan decision in minutes
  • Full control


  • Payment insurance option
  • Payment holiday option
  • Refinancing option

Peer to Peer Loan Is the Oldest Way to Borrow

Peer-to-peer borrowing

​Fixed rate

Fixed interest rate throughout the entire loan period, no sudden surprises

Auction-based pricing in p2p


Creditworthy borrowers can borrow with lower rates due to the auction-based pricing

P2p loan is easy and fast

Easy and fast

Online service makes borrowing easy and fast and you get the loan within the same day

Payment protection insurance for peer loan


Finnish borrowers may insure their loans with Payment Protection Insurance

From a perspective of borrowers

The oldest way to borrow money is here again - we have just made it modern and easy for everyone. Peer-to-peer loan is the simplest way to borrow money and the auction-based pricing guarantees for you the best loan offer available. Thus, Fellow Finance does not determine the interest rate of your loan. It is done by investors on the platform. The best offers win. After the bidding is done, you will receive a loan offer and you can decide whether you accept or reject the offer. If you decide to accept the offer, you will have the money quickly on your account. Your loan contract will be between you and the investors who have won the bidding auction of your application. The loan contract is legally binding document of the contractual relationship between you and the investors who have lent money to you. In summary, peer-to-peer loan is a loan from one individual to another without traditional intermediaries.

Fellow Finance does all the loan administration for lenders and borrowers and anonymity between parties involved is guaranteed. You will pay monthly instalments to Fellow Finance and we account the repayments to the investors. Fellow Finance is a platform that brings together people who need financing with those who have some spare. Our user friendly online service with simple application process without extra bureaucracy as well as the transparent auction-based pricing mechanism have made peer-to-peer borrowing a popular alternative way to borrow. Digitalization is changing financial services rapidly and peer-to-peer lending and borrowing is at the forefront of this change.

The marketplace is open for Finnish, Swedish, German, Polish and Danish consumers and they can operate on their country-specific websites