Core business

We facilitate financing. Our core task is to help businesses and people in their everyday financing needs, while providing quality investment targets for our loan investors. We are present in the channels and moments where businesses and consumers need financing.

We always carefully evaluate the credit risk of the investment targets. The investment targets are available for loan investors on our platform, in a reliable, transparent and easy to invest format. Our technology enables smooth loan withdrawals and repayments. This is how we improve the availability, ease and efficiency of financing and payments compared to traditional processes. We earn our own profit from the added value we create.


Our mission is to transform traditional financing and payments to direct transactions between people and businesses.


Our vision is to become Europe’s leading crowdfunding service in lending and payments.


Transparency: in Fellow Finance, we operate transparently. Loan investors have a full view of how their profits or losses are formed, whereas the borrower can always see the costs and terms of the loan – clearly and transparently. After applying for a loan, the borrower can accept the first offer or stay tuned for better offers.

Pioneering: we are pioneers in financial technology. Our customers can seek funding effortlessly, right when it is needed. Receiving an offer is clear and easy, saving both time and effort for the borrower. Meanwhile, loan investors gain access to investment products previously unavailable to them. Our technology scales to the number of applications and transactions, and our platform easily adapts to new products and markets.

Quality: we provide quality service. To us, this means that our service is simple and straightforward to use. Our customer can rely on our technology and its ability to make life a little easier. When needed, our experts are available for customer help and support. Fellow Finance’s people and technology together create a user experience that makes our customers come back again and again and recommend our services to others.